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I am not a fan of WINE..

My fedora 11 linux machine was running good,with faster boot up[ 21 seconds to the login screen 🙂 ],until I installed WINE in it.As a web-developer,I am in need of IE6,for cross browser compatibility issues that will occur only in that browser,while others are working I had to install WINE,to run ies4linux script.Unfortunately,after installing WINE,my fedora freezes then and there.I cannot open a browser,I cannot open my back up drive.Everything freezes.Even my cpu2 performance level went for 30-50% increase.Also,WINE runs slowly.I am sure,that ies4linux caused such problem.Also,my booting of fedora went for more than a minute.So I uninstalled WINE and ies4linux,but still my bootup time got slow and my fedora freezes all of the I went for reboot and used ‘ctrl+alt+F2’ at the login page.I don’t know what was the problem,so I logged in as root user and run ‘fsck‘ and it solved my problem.It seems that an unwanted script in ies4linux,has blocked my entire fedora.The fsck cleaned it with zero errors and now my fedora is back.


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