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Google drops support for IE6 from March 1st,2010

You heard it right!!! that is a great news for all web developers out there.After 8 years,IE6 which is considered as pre-historic is losing its support of Google.As per Google,Old browsers including IE6 is not supported for Google Docs and Google sites.The marketing giant Google is now going to support the following,

1.Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0+
2.Mozilla Firefox 3.0+
3.Google Chrome 4.0+
4.Safari 3.0+

Not even Chrome previous releases are supported.Inspite of the security loop holes in IE6,many organisations running Windows XP and Windows server 2003 are still using IE6.Now Google has taken a step forward for removing IE6,let us see how it is going to impact the rest of the web 🙂