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Auspicious day – a very good marketing strategy

We all celebrate festivals.Each religion has their own festivals.Also,Each religion and caste have their own auspicious days.In India,Hinduism,which is a major religion have many auspicious days.They consider Friday is a good day to start things and so on.So why do we start things on such days.I was keep on thinking about that today.I finally got some clues.They start things at that day,because we all believe it’s a good day.So if we believe it’s a good day,then it promotes positive thought.It is similar to and an abstract meaning of Murphy law “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”.Also,I got an important thing about that day.Yes,it’s a marketing strategy.

Consider yourself starting a concern.So what is important for a newly formed concern,its marketing.You advertise it in newspapers,Television,Internet and all types of media.Well,I say,the cheapest method of marketing is starting your concern at an auspicious day.All know that only good things are done at that day.So starting a concern in an auspicious day with added positive energy and inviting people at that day,will eventually boost thoughts about your concern in a positive way.Now your company is not only advertised,but also made a thought in others mind something like “they are doing things in this good day,so it must be good….” .So next time you start things at that day and you want to advertise your company or any,do a good demo of what you are that all are well-informed and it will create a good impression. 🙂


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