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Best picture of the year – “sarcastic Linus” :P

Linus has the word "sarcasm" written on his teeth.

Linus has the word "sarcasm" written on his teeth.

Microsoft tried to torpedo the success of the Japan Linux Symposium by launching their Windows 7 product that same day. They even had setup a big promotion booth across the street from the conference center.

During a break, somebody decided to make some fun of Microsoft and dragged Linus over there. When others arrived there, Linus was sold immediately on the product as you can see in the picture. At least that’s what the sales guy thought. He obviously had no idea who he was dealing with. But in the end Linus surprisingly did not buy a copy. Wise man!


I am not a fan of WINE..

My fedora 11 linux machine was running good,with faster boot up[ 21 seconds to the login screen 🙂 ],until I installed WINE in it.As a web-developer,I am in need of IE6,for cross browser compatibility issues that will occur only in that browser,while others are working I had to install WINE,to run ies4linux script.Unfortunately,after installing WINE,my fedora freezes then and there.I cannot open a browser,I cannot open my back up drive.Everything freezes.Even my cpu2 performance level went for 30-50% increase.Also,WINE runs slowly.I am sure,that ies4linux caused such problem.Also,my booting of fedora went for more than a minute.So I uninstalled WINE and ies4linux,but still my bootup time got slow and my fedora freezes all of the I went for reboot and used ‘ctrl+alt+F2’ at the login page.I don’t know what was the problem,so I logged in as root user and run ‘fsck‘ and it solved my problem.It seems that an unwanted script in ies4linux,has blocked my entire fedora.The fsck cleaned it with zero errors and now my fedora is back.


Silappathikaram and Robert kiyosaki

You might be wondering what Silappathikaram going to do with Robert kiyosaki.What I am going to tell you here,is a fact that “The History Repeats Itself” or you might consider this as an illustration of “Chaos theory”.Silappathikaram,which was written by Ilangovadigal,1000 yrs back,still proves itself,that it is one of the five great epics.Recently,I was listening to “Rich Dad,Poor Dad” audio book.I was really amazed.It was fabulous.

I read Silappathikaram.I was really surprised to know how Robert Kiyosaki and Ilangovadigal mentioned same thing in a different manner.

In Rich Dad,Poor Dad,

“…..Poor dad believed in a company or the government taking care of you and your needs. He was always concerned about pay raises, retirement plans, medical benefits, sick leave, vacation days and other perks. He was impressed with two of his uncles who joined the military and earned a retirement and entitlement package for life after twenty years of active service. He loved the idea of medical benefits and PX privileges the military provided its retirees. He also loved the tenure system available through the university. The idea of job protection for life and job benefits seemed more important, at times, than the job. He would often say, “I’ve worked hard for the government, and I’m entitled to these benefits.”

The other believed in total financial self-reliance. He spoke out against the “entitlement” mentality and how it was creating weak and financially needy people. He was emphatic about being financially competent….”


Poor dad thought that the rich should pay more in taxes to take care of those less fortunate. The other said, “Taxes punish those who produce and reward those who don’t produce”

In Silappathikaram,it has been said,

Those who are generous in helping the needy and poor are mentioned as assiduous,smart and they know how to make money.While the person who gets money from generous people is said to be lethargic,dumb and stupid.

This is how they both pertain to same meaning in a very different manner.